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How To Manifest Your Dream Life Successfully


I am a strong believer in the power of metaphysics like manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

If you want to manifest your dream life successfully, it’s important that you have the strong belief that you have the ‘inner knowing’ that you will achieve your dreams.

How does inner knowing work? Most people who practice manifestation or the Law of Attraction desires to manifest a goal, but when they fail to get what they do not want, they blame the Law of Attraction that it doesn’t work. The reason why it doesn’t work is because they do not have inner knowing that they would achieve their goals.

Inner knowing is like riding a bicycle. If you have ridden a bicycle before, you will know that it is something that you will never forget. Even after years of not riding a bicycle, if you start riding one, you will automatically know how to balance yourself or pedal forward. You don’t need to convince yourself if you can or cannot – you just know how to ride one.

When people come to their goals, they often do not apply the same concept to it. Let’s say that you want to be financially free, one of the following scenarios might happen.

  • They might hope or pray that they can become financially free.
  • They might ‘give this financial freedom thing a try’ but if it doesn’t work they will not lose anything
  • They might want it but doubt themselves if it will truly work for them
  • They might even want it but feel that they don’t deserve it deep down inside.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? These are surefire recipes that you will NOT manifest your goals or your dream life.

To illustrate this principle even more clearly, let’s bring back the biking example. Would you say that as a biker, you:

  • Hope or pray that you would be able to ride the bike again even though you’ve learned it before?
  • Give this ‘biking’ thing a try again after so long and if you can’t ride it, then go back to driving a car?
  • Doubt if you ever can ride a bike again because you haven’t ridden a bike in years?
  • Or even feel that because you haven’t ridden a bike, you don’t ever need to ride one again?

No way, right? You simply know that you can ride a bike!

Manifestation is that simple! You either have the inner knowing that you can do it or you don’t. There’s no sitting on the fence on this.

I must admit that in the past, I never imagined that I would be financially free, see myself traveling out of my country or networking with the top personal development people in the world.

bobproctor 1911888_10202578183567235_497526431_n

But after a lot of practice, I have the inner knowing that I am financially free, traveling every month and networking with the top personal development authors like Bob Proctor, Sonia Ricotti and many more!

At the end of the day, you either know you’ll get something or you don’t. There’s no secret to manifesting your dream life. Because when you have the inner knowing, there isn’t any secret anymore.


How I Turned My Monthly Income Into My Weekly Income Without Launches

I wanted to make sure that I had a 3 month consistency before posting this because I want to make sure it really works for me and after 3 months, I can safely say that I’ve successfully turned my monthly income into my weekly income… all without launching a single product.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 11.31.02 AM

This is a picture of my Autoresponder account (for those uninformed about Internet marketing, it’s the mailing list manager that stores the names of my customer database).

3 months ago, the size of my list is only 18,000. Today, I’ve almost tripled it in the short span of 3 months.

Here are the strategies I’ve used:

1) Find a HUNGRY niche

This is the most basic of the basics of Internet marketing. You could be the head-honcho of a small little niche, but in my experience, general niches will ALWAYS beat micro niches because the demand always pays off at the end of the day. It really depends on your mindset. If you have a blue ocean mindset, you will always see competition as allies and price wars as opportunities to differentiate yourself.

A red ocean mindset avoids competition, doesn’t differentiate themselves and has a self righteous attitude towards people who use aggressive marketing. If your income isn’t expanding, it means you are now the biggest fish in your pond and you have outgrown it.

2) Be inspired and inspire others

In the land of the blind, the one eye jack is king. But the people around you will always be blind and this violates the sum of five rule. If you are the smartest person in the room, likely you aren’t growing a lot. The same goes in the Internet marketing circle. Who are the top 5 joint venture partners you speak to all the time? Are they strong or growing very fast?

Personally, I prefer to work with people who are on the fast track towards their goals even though they are not there yet because you can grow with them. Look around you and if you don’t like the income level of the top 5 JV partners you spend most of the time with, it’s time to play a bigger game.

3) Traffic and list building

You have no idea how many Internet marketers pay lip service to the quote, “The money is in the list”. They say it all the time but most of them do not believe it. I run a solo ad service that is designed to help people build a list super fast. But when it comes to forking out money, I’m amazed how much people shrink when it comes to paying for traffic. For me, I will do whatever it takes to build a list. Which brings me to the next point:

4) Paid traffic OWNS free traffic

The reason why people are afraid to spend money on traffic is because they believe that free traffic is safer. So what happens is they go the free traffic route which is what everyone on earth is doing. But instead of spending money on traffic, do you know what they wind up spending on? You guessed it… TIME. I believe that time is more precious than money.

Sorry, let me rephrase that… MY time is more important than my money. I don’t know about your time, but paid traffic is the fast track to success. He who spends the most on advertising will grow his business the fastest. Last month, I’ve spent more than $14,000 on solo ads alone. Guess what? My business tripled.

5) Remove the fear of spending money

From a metaphysical point of view, money is just like energy. If you look at money in it’s physical form, money is inherently neutral – it’s just a piece of paper or a number in a bank account. What makes people give their power away to money is the energy they give to it. And most of the time, there’s a lot of fear because people are focusing on the lack of it.

The less fearful people are of losing money, the more they are able to freely invest them in the right places and be joyful about it at the same time. Some of the most successful businessmen I know in this industry are some of the most generous paymasters of them all – they actually pay their bills, bankers and the government happily by blessing them instead of cursing them. Those who can’t let go of their money stifles their own growth.

Here’s a quote about the Law of Attraction from Abraham-Hicks:

“There is no shortage. And any attention to the shortage of something wanted will always produce negative emotion within you because your guidance is letting you know that you have strayed from your broader basic understanding of ABUNDANCE and well being.

“Whenever you are focused upon the shortage of money or seeing yourself as having only so many years to live (and so each day expended is one day closer to the end of your years) – that feeling of decline is contrary to your broader understanding of the eternal nature of your being.”

6) Become a conduit or a channel for the growth of other marketers

Building a list is very important. We know that. What’s the fastest way to build a list? By working together with someone who already has a list!

To me, it is much easier to work with a marketer’s list rather than Facebook or Google’s list. This is where the art of negotiation comes in.

Introverted marketers usually prefer to ‘game’ Google or Facebook’s algorithm rather than dealing with people. But to me, it is much easier to understand the psychology of how an Internet marketer thinks rather than deal with a giant that changes it’s rules and policies here and there. My wife and I are both Enneagram Trainers, Coaches And Therapists which means that given enough time observing the speech patterns and micro-expressions, we will know what they are thinking, how they form thought patterns and we probably know them better than they know themselves.

So what does that got to do with list building and other marketers?

What I do is I do it the way a network marketer or an MLM-er would do it (without the embarrassing sales pitches and product peddling). I would go up to an Internet marketer and offer to build my list with them.

There are generally 3 types of list builders:

a) The Hoarder

Hoarders are my favorite of the lot. These kind of people do not sell solo ads and they don’t really do ad swaps. But what they do is they would BUY up every single solo ad out there. Traffic only goes in to their squeeze pages and nothing really comes out unless they are trying to ace an affiliate contest with a big ass prize. I love these guys because I sell solo ads by the truckload to them and because I always over deliver traffic to them, they keep buying traffic from me over and over again.

Characteristics of a Hoarder:

- No time
– Lots of money
– Has multiple, strong sales funnel in place
– HUGE list
– Fear level of spending money = LOW
– Most valuable asset = other people’s time

They have little fear of money but don’t like to waste time. If you can help them save time and help them hoard a bigger list, they will make you rich.

b) The Vendor

Vendors are the backbone of my infrastructure. These kind of people sell solo ads all the time, occasionally swap and generally do NOT buy solo ads. What I usually do for them is very simple. I buy the largest order of solo ads they can sell to me. I don’t care if it’s 1,000 clicks or 10,000 clicks. As long as they can sell it to me as cheap as possible, I will buy everything they can offer. Just like a traditional business, bulk orders are often cheaper. If they do not offer bulk orders, I cut a deal with them and make monthly offers at a discounted price. Who doesn’t like big, monthly income right?

Yes, they love me too because I am their biggest customer. Every month I do nothing but wait for them to send huge amounts of traffic to my best sales funnel.

Characteristics of a Vendor:

- Limited time (only to service clients)
– Generally good with saving money but not spending
– Mostly has only one strong sales funnel in place
– Medium to HUGE list
- Fear level of spending money = HIGH
– Most valuable asset = other people’s money

c) The Trader

Traders fit somewhere in the middle for me. These kind of people generally do not buy solo ads nor do they sell solo ads and they only do ad swaps with people. I just schedule ad swaps with them, that’s all. I aim to trade as many clicks as possible with them but most of the ad swap partners I find often deliver less clicks than me for the reasons below:

Characteristics of a Trader:

- Lots of time (for ad swaps)
– Generally doesn’t spend money on solo ads
– Generally doesn’t sell solo ads to people either
– Small to Medium list (I rarely find huge lists to swap with)
- Fear level of spending money = VERY HIGH
– Most valuable asset = their own time
– Smaller traders only do ad swaps, BIGGER traders do giveaway events

So as you can see, from emails or Skype chatting alone, I quickly determine what personality type they are and offer them exactly what they need or what they think they need. I only look for win-win situations and I rarely walk away from a transaction or an interaction empty handed and everyone is happy because they get what they want.

7) Simplify

One of the reasons people are unable to grow their level of income and scale their business is because they are not able to simplify the things they are doing in their business.

In the past, I was really good at launching products. In a 3 years, I’ve sold more self help private label rights products than most marketers do in a lifetime but all my time was used up monitoring launches. If my thoughts had a limited amount of electrons, it means that every launch exceeds my ‘mental bandwidth’ by a lot.

But worst of all, I wasn’t able to scale my business. Every single month after a launch, it was like – I’m back to square one again and I had to start all over again.

But after creating my own system to simplify the things I do each day and leverage more on other Internet marketers, I’m able to have more time for myself to do what I like.

8) Set An Intention For 7 Figures A Year

I was very comfortable for many years making 6 figures yearly in U.S. dollars while living in Malaysia. But I’m done playing small and I want to play a bigger game.

I’ve set a goal and aligned each and every month for the next 11 months (all the way up to the end of the year) to shatter my goals last year and rise to the occasion.

When an intention is set, the universe goes out of the way to make things happen for you.

My next goal – to turn my weekly income into my daily income.

Nuff’ said.

2014 Resolutions And 2013 Reflections

One of the reasons why I like New Year’s Resolutions is because New Years day is a pivot that you can use to gauge your past and the future. This pivot point as I call it has 2 significant directions – the road that lies before you and the path you have taken.

If you cannot honor the path you have taken, it will be very hard to pave a good future.

So let me begin by honoring the milestones of the past. I’ve traveled 7 different countries over throughout 2013. Out of which, 3 whole months were spent on a foreign land.

USA Tour

usa1 usa2 usa3 usa4 usa5 usa6 usa8 usa9 usa12 usa15 usa17 usa18 usa20

Europe Tour

europe15 europe13 europe11 europe10 europe8 europe6 europe4 europe2 europe1 europe16 europe14 europe12 europe9 europe5


Bali Family Holiday


Internet Marketing Ventures

I’ll only name a few milestones for my Internet marketing career here:


More than $50,000 in sales and 1,000++ units sold for my launch with Edmund Loh – White Label Fire Sale.

The sequel even got product of the day on JV Zoo.

speakingengagement2 speakingengagement1

I’ve also spoken at 2 Internet marketing events in Malaysia and Singapore.

So what’s install for me in 2014?

To cut a long story short, I plan to intensify everything I’m doing 10 times. Yep – all these times 10.

Here’s what I plan to accomplish for 2014:

1) Travel every single month in 2014

2) Network with 7, 8, 9 figure Internet marketers throughout the year

3) Start businesses in multiple niches

4) Make everything as automated as possible

In short, increase the level of awesomeness in each and every way!

I’ve already had my entire year planned out.