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Secrets Of Extreme Motivation

imageDo you know the level of motivation one must have in order for them to succeed at their goals?

If your answer is anything less than motivated than a person with their hair on fire running towards a lake, then you can be sure that you are not motivated enough.

Let me share with you why motivation is never the same for different people… at times, people do not want something badly enough. Their level of intensity when they are doing something is nowhere as close to say, a person who is saving his son from their burning home.

You got to tap into your deep reason why you want to do something.

Without a strong reason why, you will always perform with mediocre results and that is why this article will help you to intensify the power of your ‘why’ so that the ‘how to’ will become very small.

You Don’t Know What You Want Yet


The reason why you are not motivated enough is because you do not have strong clarity about what you really want.

Clarity breeds action. You can’t get anything done without a clear path to guide you because you don’t have a destination.

Every fiber of your body, including your mind, your thoughts and your attraction signals to the universe are scattered in different directions.

Until you find something you truly, truly want, it is like feeling something missing if you don’t have it kind of ‘want’, you will always perform in a mediocre way.

Don’t create superficial goals either. They are not effective at all because it’s not what you want – it’s what other people tell you that you should have this goal but you don’t really want it… you are just following the crowd.

Find your inner, deepest desires and you will make the first step towards extreme motivation. It is something you cannot live without. This leads to the next step:

Powerful Goals Are Emotional


Do you remember a time in your childhood that the incident is so strong and impactful that it defines you in such a life changing way? A good example could be being humiliated in front of the entire class or being bullied in such a way that you vow, “Never again will I appear weak…”

Whatever your childhood experiences are, you have to find an emotional goal that is so strong that, you will always tap into it’s source and energy when times are down.

Our emotional memory is the strongest memory of them all. Long after we have forgotten the details (or even what we ate for breakfast this morning), the emotional memory recalls incidences with vivid detail – as though it happened yesterday. Use it to fuel your goals but make sure they are positive goals that produces value and contribution (and not one that hurts others in revenge or you are proving yourself to others).

Your Excuse Is Bigger Than Your Dream


Perhaps you have found what you want. But you don’t want it bad enough that all kinds of excuses come up.

The law of attraction is a very powerful thing. You subconsciously attract everything but the thing you really want and that is why something always comes up to deter you from your real goal.

Here’s an example – You vow to spend time with your son, but somehow, that sudden company meeting or business trip always takes precedence over time with your son.

Or how about manifesting a soul mate? If you are feeling inadequate about being in a relationship, somehow something will always pop up as a personal flaw and you do not like what you see at the end of the relationship.

The truth is, excuses will always seem bigger if your dream is too small. You either have excuses or excellence. Nothing in between.

Passion Wins


Do you know what makes Olympic athletes wake up early on a frozen cold morning just to get an exercise?

Make no mistake about it. They want the Gold medal… and they want it real bad so that it supersedes every mood that causes them to choose otherwise.

If you do not feel like doing something, then you are really asking the wrong question.

You should note that our feelings changes like the weather. At any given time, the combination of inadequate sleep, arguments with loved ones or even the food we ate could affect us so greatly that we choose to do what we ‘feel’ like versus what we truly want.

Once again, when your ‘why’ is really big, you will not consider how hard it is to do something – you will do it even if you don’t ‘feel’ like it and that is what separates the true winners from the wannabes.

Create Good Habits That Last Forever

Finishing-lineAmong the most crucial things we have to do is see things through to the end and finish what we start.

Life can be challenging. Full of obligations. We’re perpetually faced with a ceaseless list of things to do; more often than not, our days feel like we’re juggling a million things, trying to get everything accomplished.

All the same, this is no reason for us to not finish those things that we started. So frequently, people quit before they finish something. They put in so much time, work, and effort. They’re so dedicated, they believe in what they’re doing; however before they’ve finished they all of a sudden just throw in the towel.

There’s nothing more pleasing than to finish something we’ve worked so hard for. It might be building a business, it might school, or whatever it might be.

Do you complete what you begin? Do you have the inner power to see things through that you begin doing?

Most of us start something new filled with enthusiasm, exhilaration, energy and belief. However, can you sustain it? Naturally, you have the best intentions, however is that enough. Life does seem to have a way of throwing us curves. We begin with exuberance, and lots of energy to keep going however as time slips by our zest begins to wane and it gets more difficult to continue going forward.

But you’ve got to complete what you start. Success in whatever it is you do comes down to self-control and perseverance. But there’s one factor that is key, and that’s our mindset.

Our mindset is what is behind our successes and failures, it’s responsible for us finishing things or quitting. It’s when we begin to think: this is so hard; I can’t do it. Or I detest this; it’s not fun any longer.

The first thing to do is change this. No longer let your negative self-talk to stop you and prevent you from completing what you began. If you get paralyzed with doubt, remind yourself that you’ve gone that far with something already and you are able to complete it if you stick with it.

Believe in your abilities and believe you are able to get things done and create good habits that last forever!

Here are some concrete steps to help you on your way.

1) Set Your Goal

The first thing in getting motivated is to set your goal. The more particular and detailed you are the better! Don’t simply say, “I wish to run my own business”, narrow down what sort of business, how much you wish to sell, where you’ll work, how you’ll recruit individuals. If you wish to slim down, then how much weight or what clothing size. The more details you have, the better!

2) Do Some Investigating

Now you have worked out what you wish to accomplish it’s time to discover how you may really accomplish it. Make certain your goals are honest, so if you wish to slim down check if the weight you have selected is a healthy one for you. If the goal you’ve picked is to get a promotion or a new career, then how do you make certain that you’re ready for that next step; do you need any training?

You could need to get resources in place to help you accomplish your goal.

3) Set a Time

From your investigating, you ought to have identified precisely what accomplishing your goal entails.

The following step is to plan how long you’re going to allow yourself to arrive there.

By setting a date by which you’ll have attained your goal, you’re focusing your attention on
accomplishing for each one step along the way in a timely fashion.

With this you may likewise track your progress, checking off smaller things on the way, which helps with motivation. If necessary you may align the steps along the way. Also, setting particular steps along the way makes it more difficult for you to not do them, particularly if there are activities that you’ll have to do with somebody, or thing that you’ve had to pay for beforehand.

4) Find Someone

Whatever your goal is, it’s probable that somebody has done the same thing, or something really like it previously. Discover a role model who’s realized a similar goal and discover how they defeated hard tasks, what they loved or what they fought with.

Role models don’t have to be individuals who you already know; you might pick out a celebrity or
somebody you’ve read about. The crucial thing is making the connection in your brain that somebody, a real somebody who you may relate to, has finished this task before you. Feeling your task is doable is a crucial step in motivation.

5) Support

Regardless how prepared and how dedicated you feel you are towards accomplishing your goals, having somebody that you may share the good and the bad you meet along the way may truly help you. Having somebody to support you means that you don’t have to bank entirely on self-motivation.

You might discover a support group on the Net, you could find a couple of interesting blogs to follow, or you might discover a group that you may join locally. Even better, if they’re attempting to accomplish the same things as you then you may support and encourage one another to accomplish your shared vision.

6) Your Reasons

It’s truly crucial that you comprehend why you wish to accomplish your goal, not simply that you wish to accomplish it. If you don’t totally trust in the goal you’ve set for yourself then you’re unlikely to accomplish it and you’ll never have the real motivation from the beginning.

Ask yourself what advantages you wish to gain by finishing the goal. If those advantages aren’t
something that you wish for yourself, then perhaps the goal isn’t correct for you.

Occasionally the reason that individuals don’t accomplish their goals is that they’ve inadvertently set a goal that conflicts with other interests. Check that the goals you’ve arranged for yourself truly are the thing that you most wish to accomplish.

7) Complacency

You could discover that you chose a goal, you set a time limit and you discover motivation to be much easier than anticipated and you seem to be well on the way to hitting your targets.

This may lead you to be truly complacent about the last steps toward your goal! A basic mistake isn’t following the original times you set as you think it will be simple to catch up, or think that the first few steps toward your goal were so simple that you don’t feel challenged enough to still accomplish your goal.

This is where it’s critical to have a great understanding of why the original goal was so crucial to you!

If you’ve set up a business, and outmatched the targets you set yourself, it’s really simple to think the business is going well enough for you to slow down. Huge error.

It doesn’t take much for things to go the other way, and if you haven’t been putting in as much as you should.

Motivation is all about ceaseless reminders, checking the plan to see if it still fits what you wish to accomplish, and reassessing where you are compared to accomplishing your goal.

8) Learn From Failing

If you’ve set a goal, then the reason you’ve set it is likely because it’s something that’s challenging to do or have never done before. This means that you’ll encounter hard challenges; you’ll make errors and will endure setbacks. The key to success isn’t being delayed by these failures, but persevering till you get things right!

Find your mentor or your support group and share these things -without doubt, somebody will be
able to help you through it. Learn what failed; get yourself back on track and move on to the next step toward your goal.

9) Treat Yourself Well

While trying to reach a goal, you’ll be doing new things, learning things you haven’t encountered before, and coming up against challenges that before haven’t existed! Getting what you wish isn’t always simple, and it won’t always make you happy. Center on the end result, not the difficulties along the way, and if you trip up or need a break… don’t worry!

Don’t be hard on yourself and put things in perspective.

10) Remember Why You Started!

As a whole, individuals are most pleased when they’re on the way to accomplishing a goal of some sort.

Self-assurance, personal pride and happiness are all tied up in the fruition of our goals, so if you have a bad day remember why this will make you happy. Keep that picture in your mind, or stick a picture on the refrigerator, anything that will remind you of why you’re doing this.

Everybody finds their motivation in different ways and some have an easier time than others do. Just remember, accomplishing your goals in life is always hard, and for each goal you accomplish, countless others will have failed; you ought to be very proud of your accomplishments!

Don’t Talk About Negative Thoughts

Tyler Durden from the Fight Club says, “The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club”

The same is true about negative thoughts.

Know that no thought lives in your mind rent free. Negative thoughts take up space and the cripple your capacity to function at your optimal capacity as a loving human being.

Do you see how someone could be missing out on the blessings of love when negative thoughts corrupt the purity of the mind?

Here are several hindrances to love:



Harboring unforgiveness is like drinking poison while expecting the other party to die. Talking about the injustice is reliving the negativity over and over again. A lot of people who die of stress or bitterness has a lot of this.



Hindrances to love come in many forms and one of them is through a lack of gratitude. Jealousy says, “I want what you have and because I can’t have that, I hate you.” Being jealous of others is destructive to your thoughts. Don’t talk about this with others because it will make you look bad too.

Self Pity


The last thing you need in life is to tell yourself that you are no good. You are here for a reason and it will be a great insult to the universe by telling yourself that you don’t matter



What you focus on expands. If you complain about the bad weather, you are telling the universe to give you more of it. It create an endless cycle of complaining and more reason to complain about something.

At the end of the day, when you clear the clutter out from your mind, you will start to think better, clearer and you won’t bother with negativity anymore.